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"When I was a kid people asked me what would I be in the future and my answer was always " Pilot ". People would asked again why and I said I wanted to fly like a bird because I want to feel what is like to touch the sky, the cloud, the wide view from the top and to explore the world. I was 13 when I fall in love with Science subject and I was 16 when Biology caught my attention.I left my childhood ambition and concentrate on my new interest. However I failed to obtain good result for my Biology paper and since then I thought I had to change my own desire. Listed as Microbiology student I know it's a tough thing to face to. But then my thought was wrong. I start a new life there and that's where I meet many helpful, joyful, nice, smart and 'sporting' friends. My new life goes pretty well and learning to adapt to the Pilah's sunny culture and to grow a deep understanding about culturing bacteria, to memorize all their 'weird' scientific names lead me to a new fresh start as a Science student life. I learn a lot from the past. I don't want to grow the same mistake I made before. I just don't want to create another failure. My mum is all I have and she want the best from me. I'm trying for God sake, I really am. Now I am a teenager and when people ask me what would I be in the future, I think I know what to answer."

People always ask "what course do you take?" and i was like "dip microbioly"... Right after the answer everyone will like "woaa..that's tough.", "what's that?" , "do you like it?" , "awesome" and so on.. thanks to Nizam. for all this time i dont have the right words or even suitable one to describe what i feel to tell them. now i have oin.thanks for letting me borrow your 'essay'. thank you so much!

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